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Founded in Como in 1953, TESSABIT is high-end chain of 14 family-run luxury boutiques showcasing a directional, contemporary selection of high-end fashion from around the globe.

For over three generations the Molteni family has pursued innovation, excellence and constant research, in perfect balance with the stunning, sophisticated backdrop of Lake Como and with the international fashion jet-set.

The history of TESSABIT is a journey through style, exploration and tradition - to be continued...


The journey of the Molteni family begins with TESSABIT, the first high-end boutique in the heart of Como, Italy - a city of timeless natural beauty and a renowned, sophisticated international travel destination. The boutique reflects the city’s local yet cosmopolitan mood and Molteni’s deep family values: tradition, beauty, quality, commitment and innovation.

1960s The young Giampiero and Giorgio Molteni join the company and bring a fresh, enthusiastic perspective to the philosophy of TESSABIT. The company turns to the London runways to explore and absorb the cool, cutting edge Brit moods of the 60s: cult and emerging labels start being showcased alongside the boutique’s extensive collection of renowned designers.   1970s - 1980s The meeting with Giorgio Armani at the 1978 fashion show is a prelude of a new adventure for the Molteni family: the opening of the first flagship Emporio Armani store in 1982. A bold step that will lead to many more similar successes during the following years. Front row at the first Fashion Shows by Missoni, Versace and Ferré, amongst others, TESSABIT’s very personal choice of products and looks never fails to succeed.   1990s

New boutique openings set the pace for a decade of rapid growth. TESSABIT’s brand identity starts to shape: men’s collections are in the spotlight with the T78 and T67 boutiques, dedicated to formal and casual menswear, while more boutiques open in Como, each one unique in style and architecture.


Minimal, cool and refined: these are the keywords of the interior design of the new boutiques, SET, SET UOMO and SNEAKER, entirely dedicated to accessories. The same concepts are kept in mind when in 2009 the third generation of the Molteni family begins a lasting collaboration with the e-commerce platform FarFetch.com. The tessabit.com online store follows later the same year, virtually opening the doors of the Como boutiques to the world.

2014 - today

Tessabit.com is revamped with a modern New York-inspired website design and a number of exclusive services dedicated to a fashion-savvy local and international clientele. The online shopping experience integrates the ultimate selection of products from the physical boutiques with personal styling services, worldwide delivery and fashion-forward news and edits.


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